07/13/2018–The Menominee Police Department says:

Over the past couple of weeks many people in our area have received phone calls, voicemails and text messages stating they owe money to the IRS for unpaid taxes and that a warrant has been taken out for their arrest if they don’t call a number to make payment arrangements. THIS IS A SCAM! The IRS never contacts people this way.

Whenever you receive a suspicious call the best thing to do is just hang up without talking to the person or listening to the message. If you do speak to a person don’t give them any information or call any number provided. If you receive a voicemail or text message don’t call the number provided.

Report any scam call, voicemail or text message to the Federal Trade Commission at 877-382-4357. Also go to the website and register all your phone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry. This is a free service.

Local law enforcement can’t stop these scammers but can advise you on what to do.