07/27/2020- U.S. Senators Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson have introduced a bipartisan Senate Resolution expressing the sense of Congress that the Secretary of the Navy should name one of the next available Virginia class submarines the “U.S.S. Wisconsin.” The effort is aimed at honoring Wisconsin workers and the rich and historical connection between Wisconsin and the U.S. Navy. Baldwin says the state’s shipbuilding industry and skilled workforce have played a critical role in sustaining national security.

The last Navy vessel to bear the name the U.S.S. Wisconsin served in every major U.S. conflict after it was launched in 1944 until it was decommissioned in 1991. Since then, no U.S. Naval vessel has carried the Wisconsin name. Shipbuilders in our area are aware of the anticipation that surrounds the naming of of the warships built here, and Baldwin says it’s as momentous an event for these Navy subs, too.

Baldwin and Johnson also led the bipartisan Wisconsin congressional delegation in sending a letter to U.S. Navy Secretary Kenneth Braithwaite requesting the next U.S. Navy Submarine bear the Wisconsin name.