10/04/2018- A resident is taking the City of Marinette to small claims court for vehicle damage he alleges the city is responsible for, and he’s not the only with this complaint. Darren Jacobson says his son’s vehicle was splattered by fresh paint on the road in early July and at least 22 others have filed paperwork with Marinette claiming similar damage. After alerting the city to the issue, Jacobson says he was directed to take the vehicle to Rite Way Auto Body, who charged more than $500 for the repair, but when he questioned why the city hadn’t submitted the bill to their insurance, EMC Insurance claimed Marinette couldn’t be held liable for the damage. Following that, a second letter was sent to Jacobson and the others stating they would instead cover their comprehensive deductibles, but Jacobson says, that isn’t going to cut it.
Drivers who have filed the complaints say, despite the insurance company’s initial defense, there were no cones or barriers indicating the road had recently been painted.
Jacobson is the only resident to have taken the matter to small claims court so far. Tuesday, the judge denied a request from the city’s attorney to dismiss the case and has asked both parties to file brief’s by mid-November.