Despite the addition of the vestibule and metal detectors at the point of entry, there are still some security concerns surrounding the Menominee County Courthouse. Sheriff Kenny Marks was frank in his presentation to the county’s Board of Commissioners this week, stating it’s unknown how many keys to the building’s exterior doors exist and where all of those keys are now.
Marks also asked the board to consider replacing all the standard key locks at the courthouse and county jail to an electronic system. He says this would make moving prisoners safer and more efficient, as employees will no longer have to sort through a key ring to find the appropriate key for each door. Two doors at the jail already have electronic locks. Marks says the swipe cards used for these doors cost less than a dollar apiece and can be easily deactivated and replaced if they are lost or malfunction.
The Board of Commissioners is awaiting price quotes for an electronic system before taking any action on the issue. Marks says if the electronic system is voted down, he will move forward with having the traditional locks at the courthouse re-keyed and implement a new key issuing system.