01/17/2020- Seven years after the Marinette County Sheriff’s Office first made the request, the County has finally approved the purchase of an armored rescue vehicle. Tuesday the County Board signed off on the acquisition of a refurbished 2004 Lenco ARV. That vehicle can be deployed for any number of potentially dangerous situations including those involving armed suspects, hostages, or for evacuation or prisoner transport. The Department has previously called on Brown County’s Bearcat in these types of events, but Sheriff Jerry Sauve says that reliance is a gamble that puts his officers and citizens at risk.
The price of a refurbished model is around $180000, while the cost of a new one is closer to $300000. Marinette County Patrol Lieutenant Jason Ducane says although the ARV they’re purchasing is already 16 years old, a complete refurbishment means it will likely remain operational for another twenty years or longer.
In addition to the purchase, the County Board also approved an MOU with the City of Marinette Police Department for joint operation of the Bearcat. The City is the only other law enforcement agency in the County with a Special Response Team trained to operate an ARV. That agreement will remain in effect for the life of the vehicle.