07/16/2020- The Menominee County Sheriff’s Office is joining other departments in Michigan opting not to issue citations to individuals who are not wearing masks in public places or at outdoor public events. Sheriff Kenny Marks issued a statement Wednesday saying the state’s Executive Order 147, which requires faces coverings or calls on businesses to refuse service and deny entry to those not wearing them, poses a difficult dilemma for both law enforcement and business operators. While the order exempts people with specific medical conditions from wearing masks, federal law prohibits officers from asking people about their medical conditions. Sheriff Marks says because of this, his department will respond to and investigate complaints related to the EO, but will focus on educating and informing residents, not fining them. If a patron fails to wear a mask and is asked to leave by a business operator but refuses, they may be prosecuted for trespassing and/or disorderly conduct. Marks asked residents to voluntarily comply with businesses’ requirements to wear masks within their establishments and show consideration of the health and safety concerns of others.