02/18/2019- There’s frustration and disappointment, but no lack of forward momentum. While the Twin Cities didn’t make the final round of competition for Season 4 of Small Business Revolution, organizers of the local effort say they’ll continue to press on to strengthen the unity between Marinette and Menominee and spark development in small businesses in the downtown districts and beyond. Kim Brooks calls it the “new normal” for the M & M.
Keith Killen says while this movement has been driven by small business owners and community leaders, it’s going to take a commitment from every sector of the community to continue to progress.
And, though they may not be here with $500000 or a film crew, representatives from Deluxe will still visit the area later this year with an opportunity for growth. On May 8th, the Company is hosting a one-day marketing seminar for small business owners in Marinette and Menominee. You can find the link to sign up here.