09/17/2019- A new proposal is making its way through Marinette’s governing committees that would bring snowmobiles into the city. Mayor Steve Genisot told the Civic Affairs Committee Monday he’s been approached by local snowmobile clubs, as well as area businesses, about establishing a designated snowmobile route through Marinette that would connect riders on the Marinette County trail system to restaurants and retailers within the city. Two suggested routes would be down Mary Street or Cleveland Avenue. Melissa Ebsch is the Marketing and Tourism Director for both the City and the County and she says the plan could offer a big boost in the off-season for those that rely on tourism-related business.
“To be able to bring in the snowmobiles and have trails available, that will just boost our tourism within the city. It also gives our hotels, motels, and restaurants during these months, as well.”
The proposal is still in its early stages and Mayor Genisot says more conversations need to be had about exactly where the trail might be located and how it could impact nearby residents and traffic flow. The Civic Affairs Committee plans to take up the topic again at their October meeting.