07/19/2019- Menominee City Manager Tony Graff came under fire last night during his evaluation by City Council. While some councilmembers applauded Graff’s level of community engagement and responsiveness to council and citizen inquiries, many were critical of the number of unfinished projects that remain and said there needs to be more action toward reducing costs or increasing the city’s revenue. Mayor Jean Stegeman noted Graff’s evaluation scores have dropped in nearly every category since last year’s survey.
The council discussed whether to adjust his pay independently or to wait until all the city’s union contracts were settled. They considered no raise to a raise of 1.5% on his salary of $109000. Graff is the second- highest-paid city manager in the UP and Council member Bill Plemel says he doesn’t feel a pay increase is warranted.
A motion to increase Graff’s pay by 1.5%  passed by a 5 to 4 margin. Graff has served as Menominee City Manager since 2016.