10/01/2019- Dozens of local kids will swim, bike, and run to the finish line in a decade-old community event next week. The annual Spooktacular Kids Triathlon will be held October 12th at the River Cities Community Pool, marking the 10th year of the race. Kasey Eisch-Ermis, Aquatics Director at the RCCP says it’s a chance to introduce the younger generation to a sport that’s gained quite a bit of popularity among adults in our area.
“It’s a nice event to get kids aware of the triathlon. We have a huge community of adults who participate in triathlons around here so this is a way for those kids to get to be able to do their own and participate in an event that’s just fun. We try to make it fun with a DJ at the finish line announcing their names and their bib numbers as they come across the finish line, people are handing out medals. We try to make it as official as we possibly can.”
Participants are separated into three different age groups, which Eisch-Ermis says allows the event to be adapted to different ability levels. The triathlon is also a way to encourage families to get out and get active together as children prepare for the big race.
“That’s my goal with the triathlon is to just encourage kids that no matter what season, there’s still a ton of things that they can do. It introduces them to the pool. If they’re maybe not swimmers right now they can get a little interest in swimming. It lets them know the running part is a fun thing to do, too, as well as the bike.”
There’s no cost to take part in the Spooktacular Kids Triathlon, but the race is capped at 125 participants. Pre-registration is encouraged and can be completed by visiting rivercitiespool.org or by stopping in at the River Cities Community Pool in Marinette.