Governor Tony Evers and the Wisconsin DNR have announced the release of a statewide PFAS Action Plan developed by nearly 20 state agencies to address growing public health and environmental concerns regarding PFAS in Wisconsin. The plan includes 25 action items centered around three guiding principles: environmental justice, health equity, and pollution prevention. Some highlights include recommendations to establish science-based PFAS standards for soil, groundwater and biosolids, develop PFAS risk communication infrastructure including a new website and improved public engagement, and streamline processes associated with the delivery of safe drinking water supplies to communities impacted by PFAS contamination. Wisconsin’s PFAS Action Plan was developed at the direction of Gov. Evers, who in 2019 issued Executive Order #40, requesting that the DNR lead a PFAS coordinating council, charged with creating a plan of action to address the environmental and public health risks posed by PFAS contamination. Wisconsin is now one of less than a dozen states in the nation to have developed a plan to address the use of and contamination caused by PFAS.