05/17/2019- It’s an uncontested race, but that doesn’t mean incumbent Jean Stegeman is taking her latest bid for Mayor of Menominee any less seriously. Stegeman announced her intentions to seek a third term in office during her State of the City address in February. The city has some big financial issues on the horizon including how to fund water and sewer infrastructure projects, inefficiencies in solid waste pickup, and a stagnant revenue stream and Stegeman says she wants to be part of crafting those solutions and that’s why she’s decided to run for Mayor again.
When she’s not leading the community, she’s leading a classroom. In addition to serving as Mayor, Stegeman is also an educator. She says that opens a door for increased dialogue with students about how local government works and why it’s important to get involved.
Stegeman has held the title of Mayor since 2011. She’s up for re-election November 5th.