03/13/2019- Menominee’s not rushing into a decision when it comes to whether or not to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana in the city. Both the Planning Commission and Public Safety/Public Works Committee discussed the topic Tuesday as a follow-up to the presentation delivered earlier this year to elected officials and city staff. What concerns many members of both boards, including Commissioner Jim Weiland, is the lack of direction the state has provided in the way of rule and regulations for pot sales.
Mayor Jean Stegeman noted some municipalities across Michigan have adopted a “wait and see” policy that delays action until state regulations are in place. She reiterates that the use of recreational pot will be permitted either way and says that at this point, it’s still unclear whether any perceived problems with the drug will stem from its use or its sale.
The state is expected to release drafts of marijuana sales and licensing regulations in August and adopt them by December. Menominee is tentatively planning a Committee of the Whole meeting for July so the entire City Council can share their thoughts on the issue without the immediate need to take action on it. City officials are also hope this platform will encourage the public to come out and share their views on the future of pot sales in the City, as well.