As part of a larger effort to revitalize the downtown area, Menominee’s Downtown Development Authority reviewed options for streetscape trees at their meeting Wednesday. Space exists for a total of 44 plantings along First Street, but some members were hesitant to commit to a single species for the entire project before analyzing how that species fares in the downtown district. Instead, the DDA agreed to start with 24 plantings this year and narrowed the options for those trees down to the honey locust and the flowering crabapple. City Manager Tony Graff says he’s been in contact with a professional arborist and a landscape architect and both species were among those recommended for the area. Graff says eight-thousand dollars was budgeted for this first phase of the project and he plans to seek a better cost estimate from local nurseries. In the meantime, D-D-A members will work to create a layout of planting locations along First Street to ensure none of the trees will obstruct pedestrian traffic or impede upon business space.