09/30/2019- It’s been a little more than a year since the former UW-Marinette officially merged with the 4-year UW-Green Bay to become the UW Green Bay, Marinette Campus. And, while the proposal was initially met with some skepticism by students and community members, Cindy Bailey, Campus Executive Officer at the Marinette campus says the transition has been a relatively smooth one. She says now, a month into the new academic year, students and faculty are taking full advantage of the opportunities this relationship has made available locally.
“I think there’s opportunity now that student and our community have never been able to access right here in Marinette; the options for baccalaureate programs that are coming to campus, that is really exciting, the options for research that are coming up here, and just the resources that are at the main campus in Green Bay that now our students can have access to- opportunities for internships and career services.”
Beyond the academics, the school is also touting its wide range of campus and community involvement options. Bailey says students that make connections with the community may be more likely to plant their roots here.
“When we have community members and university students working along side by side, whether it’s singing or working in a play, are they learning from one another, maybe finding out what they do for a living and does it give opportunities for job shadowing or to investigate a little bit more the opportunities that are here? Because I really believe that so many of our youth who think they have to go away to get some of those things really can get them right here.”
Despite expanded opportunities, tuition at the UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus remains the lowest of the entire UW system. Around 200 students are enrolled full time this semester.