Tyco is providing an update on the results of recent tissue tests and analysis of fish from three privately owned ponds near the company’s Fire Technology Center. A total of 26 fish were caught and their tissue was sampled for PFAS to help determine whether the fish in the ponds are safe to eat. As expected, the pond closest to the FTC had the highest concentration of the compounds in surface water and in fish tissue. The 15 fish analyzed there had PFOS concentrations ranging from 11.6 ppb to 144 ppb. In Pond B, ¾ of a mile from the FTC, PFOS readings from six fish were between 1.36 and 23.7 ppb. Pond C is just over a mile from the FTC and five fish analyzed there recorded PFOS readings of 0.67-1.92 ppb. The Great Lakes Consortium recommends that fish with PFAS levels between 10-20 ppb should not be eaten more than twice per week, those with levels between 20-50 ppb should not be eaten more than once per week and fish with levels between 50-200 ppb should only be eaten once per month. None of the fish analyzed registered a PFOS level exceeding 200 parts per billion, which is the level at which a blanket Do Not Eat advisory would be issued. At the request of DNR, Tyco has submitted a work plan to expand this study to also include water accessible to the public.