Phosphorus levels are on the rise in one of Marinette County’s largest lakes. Greg Cleereman, Land Information Director for Marinette County says data for Lake Noquebay near Crivitz shows phosphorus levels have actually been increasing for several decades, but the exact cause isn’t apparent. He says current readings show the levels at between 25 and 30 micrograms per liter, while the average for Northeast Wisconsin is closer to 19.
This year, the Lake Noquebay Rehabilitation District will implement the first phase of a nutrient study on the lake to attempt to measure how much phosphorus is being brought into the water and determine the source. However, Cleereman says even if the cause is identified, there’s no cheap or easy way to lower the lake’s phosphorus levels.
Part of the funding for Lake Noquebay Rehabilitation District’s nutrient study comes from a Wisconsin DNR Lake Management Planning program grant. The study is expected to take three years to complete.