Looking For:

Junk  906-374-0522

Antique Dealer   906-863-3846

Hunting and Fishing Equipment  906-290-6702

Subframe for Chevy Western Plow  920-562-3176

Parts for Schwinn Scooter  920-241-8454 or 715-330-1392

Ammo   715-596-0514


For Sale:

Runners for Pickup  Kitchen table and chairs  Aquarium Equipment  Knitting books  Pool equipment  906-863-3846

Trolling Motor  Antique Fishing Rods  906-290-6702

Coaster wagon, 17″ tires  920-562-3176

Tires of various kinds  715-610-3306

Fishing equipment,  Reloading Equipment  Saws  Oak table  Records  715-596-0514

Steel plate and ball for 5th wheel  920-897-3763

Yani CD’s  Elvis Karaoke   715-923-2886