Looking For:

14″ Tire   715-938-1744

Junk  906-374-0522

4 Wheeler  906-290-6702

Ammo Gun Parts  715-596-0514

Baby bunnies   Repair for Troy Built Tiller  906-863-8492

Lawn Sweeper   715-596-0871


For Sale:

Boat motors  Old fishing rods   906-290-6702

Playstation 2 and games   work scrubs  cookbooks   coffee grinder  crystal bowls  Elvis Karaoke  Yanni CD’s  Swimsuits  Walkie-Talkies   Antique Print  Books  Caps  Sweatshirts  Shirt Shorts  715-923-2886

Roof Rake  rug  Lawn Roller  Weed Eaters  Boot Tray  Fans  Pressure Washer  Tools and Batteries  Generators   Tires  480-688-3310

Fishing Equipment  Boat Anchors  Reloading Equipment   5″ Exhaust Pipe  Muffler  Table  Floor lamp swing arm  715-596-0514

Concrete Deer   Wagon Wheels 715-587-7398