Bay Jammer is known throughout the twin-cities and in Scouting circles as an event that brings Venture Scouts, Sea Scouts, Explorers, Boy Scouts, Mariners, and Senior Girl Scouts together for a weekend of competitions, friendship, and good Scouting fun in downtown Menominee. Telly Villas says, “this year we’re seeing Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois come and make the trip. They’re going to compete in 18 different events.”

 Villas says, “Friday night Bay Lakes Museum is going to be in the Yacht Club doing a display.”


This is the 74th year of Bay Jammer. 73 of 74 years have been on Great Lakes Memorial Park. Right on the Shores on the Bay of Green Bay. While Bay Jammer can only allow active Scouts to participate in events, residents of the twin-cities are strongly encouraged to visit downtown Menominee to take in some of the events and visit with the Scouts in attendance. Bay Jammer runs Friday, July 22 through Sunday July 24th.