Sarah Hite, NWTC student and DREAM scholar discusses what obstacles they faced while being a single parent of three, the obstacles of divorce, housing insecurity, and family loss; all the while, withstanding the lack of acceptance regarding gender identity and sexual orientation. Until later, when they joined the LGBTQ+ community. Hite says, “by sharing my story, I realized I had so many other ways to connect with people besides just being a student.”

Hite says, “becoming a part of the LGBTQ+ community isn’t something that happened overnight. It was a lot of living in denial for a really, really long time.”


Being non-binary has helped Hite achieve the goal of being a DREAM scholar. Hite is one of eight community college students nationwide chosen for this prestigious honor. Hite says, “being who you are, whether you’re transitioning or questioning; it’s terrifying, and it’s very lonely but we’ve got your back. There is always someone who’s got your back. Because your time to shine is going to happen.”