It was brought to the attention of the City of Menominee’s City Council that a couple of weeks ago, the City of Menominee’s fire Chief Mark Petersen noticed water leaking on the ground from one boiler. In order to heat City Hall efficiently, they need two boilers to be running. However, the two boilers that supply heat to the building are both over twenty-years old and they currently shut one down. Which leaves the city in a position of needing a new boiler immediately. Menominee City Manager Brett Botbyl says, “if we get some very seriously cold temperatures, the single boiler may not be able to keep up and keep things heated.”

Botbyl says, “it’s extremely important that we move with this project before we get into the colder period of time, that is in our very near future.”

The council agreed to allow City Manager Botbyl to move forward with procuring the new boiler through Hayes Mechanical. Once on-site, they will then open the roof to the complex and lower in the new boiler system and begin the installation process after closing the roof. The total cost of the boiler is around $100,000, and if all goes well, the new boiler should be on site by next week.