With the newly constructed Community REC Center now housing recreational programming for City of Marinette youth the city closed the doors to the Duer Gym, just over a year ago, with the intention of either selling the building or gifting it to a non-profit organization. After months of committee meetings and decision making, last evening, the City of Marinette Common Council announced they were giving preliminary approval to a local non-profit, A Place for Max, for purchase of the Duer Gym property. Jennifer Schiller, A Place for Max, Founder says, “I am so pleased with the recommendation. I’m loving having the mayor’s and committee’s support. I was ecstatic, truly.”

Schiller says, “I want people to understand that adults, kids, or anyone with special needs or those with behavioral or developmental disabilities is that I want tolerance.”

They sent 35 letters to non-profit organizations in the Tri-City area with only two responding, Habitat for Humanity and the DAR Boys and Girls Club, along with A Place for Max, who read the Bay Cities Radio post on Facebook. The next steps for A Place for Max is to wait for rezoning of the Duer Gym property and get council approval.