The Menominee County Sheriff’s Department released additional details of Thursday’s incident.  At 7:22 AM, the Menominee County Sheriff’s Office and Menominee City Police Department were dispatched to the residence for a report of domestic assault and the brandishing of a firearm. Upon arrival on scene, officers were alerted that a male subject, since identified as Tavon Veal, was armed with a handgun, had had barricaded himself inside the residence after pointing the firearm at another individual. Law enforcement officers established a perimeter around the residence while a Menominee County Sheriff’s Office negotiator attempted to contact the individual to request a peaceful surrender. They advised neighboring residents of the situation and had the option to evacuate or shelter in place. The male suspect refused the negotiator’s request, leading to the deployment of additional resources from the Marinette County Special Response Team, Marinette Police Department Tactical Response Unit, and the Menominee Police Department Robotics Unit. Negotiations continued into the afternoon. The male suspect’s repeated failure to comply with law enforcement prompted the tactical units to deploy OC gas into the residence. The male suspect then exited the home unarmed and was taken into custody.