Blesch Stadium is the heart and narrative of Menominee Football with immeasurable memories for the entire community. When the Maroons run onto the field, the spirits of thousands of former Maroons who have contributed to the storied history of Walton Blesch Stadium accompanied them. Which has sparked a group of dedicated people to form a foundation called, “The Walton Blesch Stadium Legacy Foundation.” A non-profit group for the purpose of repairing and renovating Walton Blesch Stadium. Foundation Member Dave Mathieu addressed the Menominee School Board during their Committee of the Whole meeting last evening to announce that their group proposes to raise money for the stadium repairs and renovations at no cost to Menominee Area Public Schools.

Menominee School Board President Derek Butler says, “I would like to thank the Walton Blesch Foundation members for stepping up and showing great Maroon pride and dedication in regards to enhancing our current facility.”

The next steps in the process are for the Walton Blesch Foundation and the Menominee School Board to come to a contractual agreement which will take place soon. Once agreed upon, the Foundation can then fundraise for the replacement bleachers and press box.