In 2020, the Menominee School districts surveyed the communality and learned that the district’s fiscal responsibility was ranked as one of the highest priorities for the MAPS School Board. As a part of the Phase 2 Referendum, the district focused on rightsizing the district’s buildings to a single K through 12 campus to take advantage of operational savings. Derek Butler Menominee School Board President says, “our enrollment has dropped in the last 15-years.”

Butler says, “I would challenge the community to go on the school’s website. We have videos on social media. We’ve done direct mailings, and educate yourselves.”

There will be two questions on the ballot tomorrow, August 2nd for voters. The first question: Shall Menominee Area Public Schools borrow the sum of not to exceed $41,545,000 to construct, furnish, and equip a new Pre-K—Third elementary school addition to the existing middle/high school building. The second shall MAPS borrow the sum of not to exceed $26,105, 000 to provide new and/or remodeled spaces at the high school, including a new athletics facility addition and fields, and performing arts space. To learn more about the referendum, visit