Tomorrow, voters will decide on a referendum for the Peshtigo School District on the general election ballot. While the District has asked for a referendum to remodel or build a new school before, there were not enough ‘yes’ votes to make it happen. Superintendent Patrick Rau says, “this will be our sixth attempt at addressing the issues with the middle school – high school and we will address two needs.”

Rau says, “the timing is right. We have a building that is in need.”

Portions of the Peshtigo Middle-High School are still present, with sections of the building being built in the 1930s, 60s, 70s, and 1980s. They also need to make the school ADA compliant with many other needs. The referendum is a yes or no vote that could either move Peshtigo Middle-High School into a new era or it could be left behind with its current problems. Voting takes place tomorrow, November 8th.