Recently, the Town of Peshtigo was awarded over $1.6 million in funding to support the installation of a new water line at the request of Senator Tammy Baldwin. This water line is part of a solution to bring safe drinking water to residents within the PFAS contamination plume. The goal of the Town of Peshtigo is a water utility to service the entire impacted plume. Town Chair, Cindy Boyle, says, “we were thrilled to get that funding because for the last many, many months we’ve been extremely conscientious and aware that we don’t want to do spending towards the solution. We have an identified responsible party and we stay steadfast in our beliefs that they should be expected to pay for any solution around this.”

Boyle says, “That State funding is for Water Infrastructure and a whole separate bucket of other money is actually for Water Infrastructure for emerging contaminants, specifically PFAS.”

The Town of Peshtigo Board reassures residents that the objective is to seek grants and other forms of government funding, while additionally holding the responsible party accountable and will not be placing the expense on the residents. This funding supports the town’s work to provide permanent, safe drinking water for residents living within the PFAS contamination plume.