A christening is an important milestone in a ship’s life and on Saturday it was the LCS 25, USS Marinette’s turn. The USS Marinette will be the first commissioned U.S. Navy combatant ship to bear the name and the ship honors the city’s significant contribution to Navy shipbuilding. The honorable Jennifer Granholm, whom is also the ships sponsor, says, “what started out in a region with just a 13 percent unemployment rate, became this community where now thousands of people from both states are employed.”

“I, as sponsor, am honored to be here now. I’m honored to have been here from the start,” says Granholm.

The USS Marinette warship is starting its journey needing repairs, after the Navy found a flaw in the ships gear system but they are quickly taking measures to alleviate the issues; However, there isn’t a timeframe as to when it will be resolved. Since 1942, over 1,500 vessels have been produced in the City of Marinette.