The Workforce Innovations and Opportunities Act, also known as the W.I.O.A, is a federal program with three primary goals. Career Exploration, Skills or Training, and Job Search and Job Retention. Career Services Specialist for the W.I.O.A program Kathy Williams says, “ultimately our goal is to help our participants find self-sustaining wages and help our employers find skilled employees.”

Williams says, “we’re holding a virtual open house tomorrow, Tuesday, March 22nd, from 1—2:30pm.”

Williams goes on to say that it is important to understand that with W.I.O.A everybody can benefit in some way. It’s very individualized, and it’s not like one of those structured programs. It’s only about the goals of the individual. The W.I.O.A Virtual Open House is tomorrow from 1 to 2:30pm and you can sign up at