Menominee County Prosecuting Attorney Jeffrey T. Rogg charged three Menominee High School Students in separate Juvenile Petitions filed in the 41st Circuit Court, Family Division, with False Report of Threat of Terrorism, and School—Intentional Threat to Commit Act of Violence Against School, School Employees or Students, on March 29th. The charges arise from a report by a Menominee High School student to Menominee Police Department School Resource Officer Daniel Bartell on March 16th, that there was a viable and active threat being made by certain specific classmates against an adult School Success Worker and the Assistant Principal. The facts filed with the court allege that the Juveniles made threats to “shoot up the school” and that they had a “target list” of both the adult administrators and at least two students. Each of the juvenile respondents, two females and one male, will be arraigned before the Hon. Daniel E. Hass on April 5th in the 41st Circuit Court, Family Division. Rogg has filed a request with the Court for Pretrial Detention of all three Respondents.