The three Menominee teenagers who made a False Report of  viable and active threat being made against an adult School Success Worker and the Assistant Principal on March 29th  were arraigned yesterday in the 41st Circuit Court by the Honorable Daniel Hass. Jeffrey Rogg Menominee County Prosecutor asked for a pretrial detention for each; meaning they would go to a juvenile detention facility. Currently, in the state of Michigan, there is a shortage of beds in the facilities and after an exhaustive search, they have yet found a facility. In the meantime, Judge Hass has ordered each of the teens to be placed on a tether and confined to house arrest, with no possession or use of electronic devices or the use of social media. Rogg says, “I sent a letter out to the community in December shortly after the Oxford school shooting alerting the community, students, parents, and everyone that I mean business with this kind of charge.”

The teens’ preliminary hearing is scheduled for later this month.