01/29/2019- There appear to be a number of scams targeting the area. The Marinette County Sheriff’s office says the first is a phone scam from someone claiming to be an IRS representative who demands the victim owes money and asks them to pay by sending cash, money orders, or money grams. Another complaint was received about a possible Health and Human Services scam in which the caller claims you are on a “list” and should call the provided phone number to receive money from the Health and Human Services Department. When the victim calls that number, they are pressured to give out information about their food share cards. A third scam appears to be targeting elderly residents with grandchildren. Victims are receiving calls from someone claiming to be their grandchild and says they have gotten into trouble and need money wired to them. In all these situations, residents are reminded to never give out any personal information over the phone and report any scam attempts to law enforcement.