09/10/2019- Flu season is on the way and local health officials say now’s the time to protect yourself against those telltale fevers, aches, and sniffles. The flu vaccine is starting to become available for the season in our area and Molly Bonjean, Public Health Nurse for Marinette County says the sooner you get one, the better. She says it’s recommended everyone over the age of 6 months get vaccinated, but it’s especially important for those under 5 and over 65, pregnant women, and people with chronic health conditions.
“The flu vaccine has reduced the risk for flu by 40% to 60% in recent years, but it’s the best protection that we can get, so I definitely recommend it for everyone.”
While the severity of this flu season or which strains of the virus will be most prominent have yet to be seen, even if you do contract the illness, your symptoms could be significantly reduced if you’ve opted to get immunized.
“Every year the vaccine is manufactured to the best ability of the makers to match what strains they think are going to be circulating. There are multiple strains and the vaccine is the best match that they can do.”
Bonjean says there are some misconceptions about the vaccine actually causing some patients to get the flu, but those simply aren’t true. The flu vaccine is typically available locally at health clinics and hospitals, as well as some pharmacies.