11/26/2019- The cases against two suspects in a Town of Peshtigo assault are moving forward, while a third suspect continues to try to find counsel. Last week 36-year-old Laura Dahlin waived her preliminary hearing and was bound over for trial on felony charges of Burglary- Commit Battery on a Person, Threats to Injure, and Substantial Battery with Intended Bodily Harm. 30-year-old Dallas Willis and 41-year-old Jack Swearingen are facing similar charges, and each had an adjourned initial appearance Monday. All three were arrested in October for allegedly entering a home on Rehms Road in the Town of Peshtigo and physically assaulting the male resident inside before fleeing in a vehicle. Willis now has his preliminary hearing set for December 4th, Dahlin will be arraigned November 27th, and Swearingen, who is still awaiting the appointment of a public defender, has a third adjourned initial appearance scheduled for December 9th.