02/06/2019- Marinette County’s Tourism Alliance could be a thing of the past if a recommendation by the Development Committee is adopted by the full County Board. The Development Committee discussed Tuesday whether to either seek the appointments or re-appointments for members of the Alliance that are set to expire this spring or eliminate it altogether. According to County Administrator John Lefebvre, the Tourism Alliance serves as an advisory committee and hasn’t had a quorum of its 11 members at a meeting in several months. Clancy Whiting serves on the Development Committee and the Tourism Alliance and says the Alliance should be scrapped and redeveloped after the county determines the future of its marketing and tourism efforts.
Committee member Bonnie Popp agrees the Alliance should be disbanded, but with a different reasoning. She says she’s against the idea of the Alliance only being advisory and having no real authority over county tourism matters.
Marinette County’s Corporation Counsel Gail Mattison will draft the documentation authorizing the disbandment of the Tourism Alliance. The recommendation will be taken up by the County Board this month.