The Town of Peshtigo held their first PFAS listening session last evening at Little River Country Club to a filled house. They gave attendees a timeline of when PFAS was discovered in 2013 by JCI/TYCO up to when their holding their next summit on February 15th. Town of Peshtigo Chairperson Cindy Boyle says, “although getting water from the City of Peshtigo in a retail capacity, I need to make it clear, it has not been worked out yet with the City of Peshtigo.”

Boyle says, “in the full site investigation area one-a, one-b, and two, that’s JCI study area, the settlement area, and the expanded site investigation area

Boyle emphasizes, at the very least, community members need to stay aware of the progress. Anyone can go to the Town of Peshtigo dot org ( website and sign up for notices and you’ll be kept up to speed on the next listening session and other important information, including last night’s presentation.