As of the most recent testing data for August 2021 417 wells in the Town of Peshtigo have tested positive for PFAS and 169 were non-detect. While the Town of Peshtigo is still working on options to  identify a solution for providing potable water to Town residents a letter was drafted by Chairperson Cindy Boyle to the Mayor and Board of the City of Peshtigo requesting that they believe an intergovernmental approach to be a viable option and that a beneficial agreement can be achieved with the City of Peshtigo. This letter was reviewed at the Town of Peshtigo’s monthly board meeting Tuesday evening. The letter also requests the City of Peshtigo’s participation in the summit of stakeholders that will be taking place in September. The board also passed a resolution urging the Wisconsin state legislature to pass the clear act and approve proposed PFAS standards in drinking, surface, and groundwater. The passage of the Clear Act would assist the Town of Peshtigo to protect residents drinking water and prevent future contamination.