At Tuesday evenings City of Marinette’s City Council meeting the council was presented with a resolution regarding municipal water service and the town of Peshtigo. The resolution states that the Town of Peshtigo adopted a resolution on or about October 20, 2020, stating their intent to work with the city of Marinette to determine whether the City of Marinette will provide municipal water services to the Town of Peshtigo. Approximately eight months have gone by since the adoption of that resolution and neither the Mayor of Marinette nor the Common Council for the City of Marinette have received any contact from the Town of Peshtigo. Despite reports in the community, there has been no active communication from the Town of Peshtigo to the City of Marinette over the last eight months. City of Marinette Mayor Steve Genisot says, “at this point we will see where the next dialogue or discussion goes.”

Genisot says, “the town will have to look at what options it has.”

The city ultimately adopted the resolution to clear up any confusion in the community and to affirmatively state that the City of Marinette has no interest in expanding its municipal water service outside of the City of Marinette or to the Town of Peshtigo. They also stated they have no interest in supplying wholesale water to the Town of Peshtigo and recommend the Town of Peshtigo focus on a Point of Entry water system, contracting with the City of Peshtigo for municipal water service or review other solutions for the Town’s water source.