Are you tired of feeling like you’re always the smartest one in the room? Do you have a wealth of random knowledge just waiting to be unleashed? Well, it’s time to put your brains to the test and show off your trivia knowledge!  Trivia with Jim and Chuck is your daily dose of brain-teasing fun on Classic Hits 103.7!

Every weekday at 7:45 am, Jim and Chuck invite you to join them for a trivia showdown that’s sure to get those mental gears turning. But here’s the kicker – these two old-timers think they’ve got what it takes to stump you with their obscure facts and knowledge. Think you can prove them wrong? Well, here’s your chance!

So grab your phone and dial 906-863-1340 when you think you’ve got the answer and get ready to show Jim and Chuck who’s boss.  They will even give you a cool prize for doing so.