The Marijuana Rubric Scoring report was presented to the City Council during the regular meeting Monday evening. Prior to the recommendation of eight marijuana establishments the code of ethical conduct was read to the council before going into the report. Two council members ,Dennis Klitzke and Josh Jones, had conflicts of interest in which it might have been unethical of the council to allow them to vote. Klitzke has property ties to some of the establishments for purchase and Jones has family ties with the establishments.  The council determined that they should vote as to whether Klitzke and Jones would be able to vote in the Rubric Scoring. Councilman Frank Pohlman says, “ I do not support the motion, it has nothing to do with council members Klitzke or Jones personally.”



The council voted on each council member individually with Jones being able to vote and Klitzke unable to vote in the rubric scoring.  The council then moved on to finish the marijuana rubric scoring report and approved all eight of the marijuana establishments.