10/11/2018- Menominee’s Parks and Recreation and Building and Grounds committee has recommended two projects to the City Council. The Committee again recommended a proposal by the M&M Yacht Club that the club enter into a 10-year lease with the city where the club would do $75,000 of renovations to the Yacht Club building in lieu of rent. The work would have to be done within 24 months. The project mainly involves bringing the building into ADA compliance by raising a portion of the floor inside the building and building access ramps outside. The committee had previously recommended the project to the city council, but the council sent it back to committee to come up with more specifics on the scope of work.
The committee also recommended a plan of landscape improvements at the Triangle Park on 10th Street. The city recently replaced the fountain at the park and the Menominee GFWC Menominee Women’s Club built a Pergola. A landscape plan has been developed which includes installing three flag poles near the fountain and additional flower beds. Additional sidewalks and trees are also in the plan. City Manager Tony Graff says the work would be funded by a $6000 donation and hopefully a $5000 grant. Mayor Jean Stegeman said given the shape of the sidewalks rest in the city, she wasn’t in favor of the city building the sidewalk, and wanted the committee recommendation to the council to be clear that no city general fund money would be used for the Triangle Park improvements.