About 10 percent of wells tested in the Town of Peshtigo for compounds in the groundwater from the Tyco Fire Protection test field are above the EPA health advisory limits. The results of the tests were discussed at a meeting for affected residents held at Little River Country Club Tuesday night. 89 wells have been tested, and lab results are back for 82 of those wells. 8 of the wells have levels of PFOA and PFOS above the EPA limit of 70 parts per trillion. Another 17 wells have detectable levels of the compounds, but are below the EPA limit. The other 57 wells had no detectable levels. The testing indicated most of the affected wells were shallow sandpoint wells, with deeper bedrock wells not as susceptible to contamination.
Tyco has been testing groundwater since discovering the PFOA and PFOS compounds formerly used in their fire fighting foams had been detected in the groundwater beyond their test field in southern Marinette. The company hired Arcadis to do test borings in a number of locations around the test field in November and the results of those tests identified an area in the Northeastern portion of the Town of Peshtigo where wells testing needed to be done.
The company has been providing bottle water to residents with wells in that area and will now offer to install granular activated charcoal point of entry filter systems for residents with the wells testing above the EPA limit. Longer term remediation options digging new deep wells or extending city water into the Town of Peshtigo. But right now, the company is still in the delineation phase to determine the extent of the problem and further testing and evaluation will be needed before a long-term plan in developed. In the meantime, wells will continue to be sampled and re-sampled while a long term monitor program is developed. The company is also promising to continue holding public meetings to keep the public informed.