03/20/2018–In a letter to affected Town of Peshtigo property owners sent yesterday, Tyco Fire Protection Senior Manager of Marketing Communications,  Jim Cox said the company has submitted  a Site Investigation Work Plan and a Long Term Potable Well Monitoring Plan to the  Wisconsin DNR by the March 12 deadline. The proposed Site Investigation Work Plan describes the further investigation of groundwater, soil, storm water and ditch sampling in the area due to the presence of PFOA and PFOS compounds that have been detected in the groundwater, causing some wells to show levels in excess of the EPA’s recommended safe levels for drinking water. The compounds were used in the company’s foam firefighting products that were used at the company’s test field, the believed source of the contamination. According to information provided to the DNR, the use of foams that contained  the compounds date back to the 1960’s and were used until 2014.  The Long Term Potable Well Monitoring Plan lays out a schedule to re-sample all drinking water wells in the Town of Peshtigo that have previously been tested in the area. This work will begin as soon as this spring.

Potable wells with results above the Health Advisory Level and wells with results above detectable levels but below the Health Advisory Level, will be tested quarterly.  Wells that previously had no detectable levels will be retested this spring to confirm the absence of PFAS.