06/25/2019- It’s still unclear if, how, or when the new PFAS enforcement standards recommended by the Wisconsin DHS could affect the cleanup efforts in the Town of Peshtigo. In a recent release, representatives with Tyco say they are aware of the DHS recommendation but have not yet had a chance to review the basis for the agency’s conclusion. The statement goes on to say providing clean drinking water to the residents of Peshtigo is their highest priority, and that Tyco supports PFAS regulations that are based on sound, peer-reviewed science. The suggested PFAS limit of 20 parts per trillion for groundwater announced last week was the result of collaborative study by the DHS, DNR, and Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection. Under the state’s administrative rulemaking process, it will likely take about two years for the plan to lower the PFAS threshold to become law in Wisconsin.