Tyco has released new results on the effectiveness of their Ditch B treatment system and says they’re using that data to inform decisions on how to move forward with a long-term solution to PFAS contamination in the area. The company tested both up- and downstream of the treatment system in Ditch B which flows through their Fire Technology Center and eventually into the bay and says results show the system is working effectively to remove PFAS from the surface water there. Water samples taken at a point 10 feet downstream show some PFAS but at levels well below the Wisconsin proposed standards, which is a noticeable improvement over July when Tyco claims unusually wet weather led to significant volumes of water bypassing the system and not being treated. As expected, water upstream from the treatment system has elevated levels of PFAS and Tyco says that data is helping them pinpoint where contamination is entering the ditch so they can determine where a long-term source-control solution should be placed. Tyco says they and the DNR are working together to design and build a permanent treatment solution that will cut the Ditch B PFAS off at its source.