Updated sampling reveals that some PFAS compounds are still registering at high levels on Ditch B in Marinette. JCI/Tyco submitted their latest data to the Wisconsin DNR November 2nd which shows that on October 21st, PFOA levels downstream from their interim treatment system were recorded at 130 ppt while PFOS levels came in at 19 ppt. Because PFAS surface water standards for Wisconsin have not been developed yet, the applicable surface water criteria used to determine the efficiency of the system is based on Michigan standards which lists acceptable levels of PFOA at 420 ppt and PFOS at just 11 ppt. The October 21st output figures actually increased over similar sampling that was done just two weeks prior. On October 7th the water at the same point downstream from the system showed PFOA at 36 ppt and PFOS at just 2.2 ppt. Kathleen Cantillon is a spokesperson for Tyco.

Earlier this year, JCI/Tyco upped the capacity of the interim action system when they had similar water bypass issues caused by heavy precipitation. Cantillon says, however, that didn’t eliminate the problem entirely.

The surface water samples were taken 10 feet downstream of the treatment system on Ditch B and other data shows PFAS levels increasing as you move closer to where the stream empties into the bay of Green Bay.