Tyco on Thursday announced a settlement of a class action lawsuit filed in 2018 against the company on behalf of individuals who live in the Town of Peshtigo and whose property has been affected by the presence of PFAS from Tyco’s Fire Technology Center.

The agreement provides that Tyco will pay up to $17.5 million to compensate Town of Peshtigo residents who live within a defined area affected by PFAS from the Tyco facility. Individual claimants will receive formal notice of the settlement that provides details on how it will proceed.  The amount each claimant receives will be determined by a settlement administrator chosen by the court-approved lawyers for the class. Tyco will have no role in the distribution of the funds.

Those eligible to file a claim are current or former residents and current or former landowners who owned and/or lived at a property with a private drinking water well source for at least one year between January 1, 1965 and December 31, 2020, in the impacted area bounded in the north by University Drive, in the south by Heath Lane, in the west by Roosevelt Road and in the east by the Bay of Green Bay, all in the Town of Peshtigo, Wisconsin.

Tyco spokesperson Katie McGinty says after three years of data collection and interim measures such as providing bottled water to affect residents, the company is ready to move to the next phase of remediation

The settlement does not affect or change this work or Tyco’s commitment to fund a new water line to permanently provide clean drinking water to impacted residents in the Town of Peshtigo.

The company has set aside a $140 million dollar reserve to cover the costs of the PFAS remediation,