Tyco announced Tuesday that they have submitted plans to the Wisconsin DNR for a Groundwater Extraction and Treatment System to remove PFAS from the groundwater in the area of the highest concentrations near the Tyco Fire Test Center. The plans were submitted as scheduled on February 26th. The proposed system involves nine wells which would pull up contaminated ground water which is then piped to a treatment system at the Fire Treatment Center. The cleaned water would then be discharged in Ditch B, the University Creek.  Tyco is currently operating an interim filtration system to clean PFAS from the surface water in Ditch B.

Tyco’s studies indicate the PFAS found in the surface water in ditch B come from upwelling of the ground water.  This system is designed to prevent such upwelling, significantly reduce the level of PFAS in Ditch B and would prevent further migration of PFAS from the FTC.

Tyco would like to start construction in May, and have the system operating by the end of 2021.  However, a DNR representative speaking at a recent presentation to the Town of Peshtigo Board indicated that timeline could be delayed depending on the permitting process that way be needed.