Tyco Fire Protection announced they submitted their Soil Remediation plan to the Wisconsin DNR for review on March 15. Tyco says based on input from the community it does not include on-site storage of excavated the soil. Tyco conducted extensive soil testing for PFAS across their  Fire Test Center and over 99% of all samples were cleaner than the WDNR “Non-Industrial” PFAS standard for sites used for homes, schools.  100% of the soil samples were cleaner than WDNR PFAS standard for industrial sites like the Fire Test Center.  They believe most PFAS were flushed from the soil on the FTC into the groundwater moving primarily east.

Tyco will voluntarily and proactively excavate & remove: 100% of the  soil with aggregated PFAS and 100% of stored soil from construction of a new FTC building. The soil removed will be disposed of at an out-of-state at licensed facility. The soil remediation could be completed within 6 months of approval of the plan by the DNR.